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All small business owners have one thing in common - passion.  Whether it’s passion for their products, customers or what drives them, passion is always present.  In my case, passion for self care became a passion for products, and now something I do for a living.

One of my biggest aims is to become a waste free company where almost everything can be reused


Where we started

I started making candles when COVID-19 struck.  As a single parent, I was not allowed to see my friends and family which had a huge impact on my mental health.  To keep myself busy I decided to find a new hobby.  I have made candles before, however this time, I properly researched what I needed to do.  This small safe heaven and escape from reality turned into passion, and then my new career.


Our Products

Our products are 100% made by hand.  Every single candle, wax melt and reed diffuser has to go through my hands to ensure the highest quality.  


I use 100% soy wax to make the candles.  The reasons for choosing this wax will be discussed in a separate blog post (keep an eye on our blog!).

The candle labels are embedded with a mixture of seeds (Sweet Alyssum, Poppy, Baby's Breath & Basil), which are made of 100% pre-consumer waste cotton that degrades naturally in the soil.  Currently there are 8 different scents available - with ‘Lemon & Grapefruit’ and ‘Cappuccino’ being the best sellers.

Each candle has approximately 30 hours of burning, so you can get a lot of use out of them!  After using them, you can reuse the jar as a plant pot for the seeded labels!

Wax Melts

Similarly to candles, the wax melts are made of 100% soy wax.  They also contain botanicals that reflect their scents.   When it comes to packaging

I have decided to stop using the traditional clam shell as they’re made out of plastic.  Instead I am neatly packing them in glassine bags.  A single wax melt bar is made out of six cubes that are easy to snap off.

Reed Diffusers

When making diffusers we only use rattan reeds.  Also the augeo that is used to mix it with the fragrance is vegan friendly.



If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment!

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